Elders (Session)

The Session has many special responsibilities in promoting the spiritual life of their congregations. A general list is given below, but members and adherents should ask their Session for a fuller list.



• Exercise supervision over all activities and groups within the congregation and promote their spiritual vitality. This includes approving leaders of Sunday Schools , Choirs, Bible Study, and special purpose groups.

• Appoint the time and place for the meetings of public worship and for the observance of the sacraments. They also determine the suitability or otherwise of those who apply for baptism, and exercise due oversight over the celebration of the Lord’s Supper.

• Admit persons to the membership of the congregation, or as adherents, and remove persons from these privileges when necessary as allowed for by the rules of the church. They also make sure that proper pastoral care is provided for all communicant members through visitation, encouragement and personal example.

• Provide and receive certificates of transfer when communicant members leave or seek to join the congregation.

• Ensure that appropriate diaconal help is offered where possible.

• Ensure that careful attention is given to suggestions for changes to the rules of the church. [See Overtures, Section 5]


For more detailed information see: http://www.presbyterian.org.au/section4.htm

Committee of Management (Board of Managers)

The responsibility of the Managers is to maintain the property of the congregation, particularly its land and buildings, and to look after the financial requirements of the congregation. It is the responsibility of the Managers to ensure that proper financial records are kept. An audited financial statement of the congregation’s finances must be submitted to the congregation every year. The Managers may ask the Session to call a congregational meeting to discuss the financial requirements of the congregation. The Committee must ensure that all church property has sufficient insurance cover, and that funds given or bequeathed to the congregation are appropriately used. Particular attention must be given to the terms of any bequest.


For more detailed information see: http://www.presbyterian.org.au/section4.htm


  • Carl Grande – Minister
  • Phil Wilding – Session Clerk
  • Caleb Edlin
  • David Foster – Emeritus

Deacons and Deaconesses

  • Bill Pullan
  • Rhonda Hadfield
  • Mal Fingland
  • Bonnie Fingland